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The lost art of surprise?

surpriseAs kids we hold on to mystery and surprise as if it were one of lifes great wonders.  As adults we tend to avoid surprise, or if we know there is potential for surprise we use whatever means necessary to try and ‘figure it out’ in some kind of an attempt to eliminate any unknowns from our world.

For the last month or so wifey has been planning a long weekend away for me.  She even had to book flights and accommodation using our joint bank accounts and my email address, the point is that knowing the surprise was coming and knowing I had direct access to these things I had to make a decision.  For me to embrace the surprise I had to make a big effort to actually avoid finding out any details.

As adults surprise seems to make us uncomfortable, as if our lives need to be as predictable as possible.  Gone have the happy memories of surprises always being good things!  With this in mind I was determined to figure out as little as possible about my mystery weekend, right down to the fact that I didn’t want to even think about it because if I did I would more then likely ‘figure it out’.

The weekend was almost doomed from the outset as we arrived to the airport and wifey hit me with the big surprise of where we were going.  Emphasizing the ‘were’ the airport was shut down and all flights had been cancelled… theory complete surprises suck right?

Luckily for us after a few extra hours at the airport we managed to find another flight path.  Arriving at our destination wifey sprung a couple of tickets on me for a rugby game that we were heading to, nice surprise…

Obviously pregnant wifey was not drinking so as we made our way around Auckland city (our surprise destination) I made every attempt to consume enough alcohol for the both of us while she happily watched.  Wifey then made continuous attempts to go shopping or make us go for a walk (both things which I try to avoid).  Again good surprises wrapped in bad surprises…

The weekend was rounded off with an evening of gambling at the casino, the world of perhaps the most predictable surprises. It was no surprise that we both left here without winning anything.

The point being surprises by their nature are situations we do not know the outcome of.  Perhaps it is the fact that as kids the element of surprise is generally something good, and as adults we are able to see surprises that offer both positive and negative outcomes.  I know it tends to be a personal preference and some people enjoy them while others just can not function knowing a surprise (or potential surprise) is on its way.  I prefer to think of surprises as an important way to make our repetitive lives more interesting.

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A beer drinking, sports watching Dad / blogger that is determined to find ways to laugh his way through kids, babies and pregnant ladies. Its all about using laughter to survive!


  1. A true surprise is one that you have no notion that anything out of the ordinary is going to happen and these are few and far between. Generally as adults we cannot keep a surprise to ourselves so we give hints that something may be about to happen.
    Surely everyone loves a good true surprise when it happens?

    • That’s a really good point Kirsty! You are right these are hardly ‘true’ surprises by definition. As for everyone loving a good true surprise well yes I would agree again, although I certainly know some people that do not enjoy any form of surprises

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