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Real world family mission statement

perfamA family mission statement?  Ive never heard of it.  Apparently its a list of ‘values’ or a ‘team motto’ which best sums up the way things are for the family living in the home.

Recently I had been introduced to these and some are pretty cool looking, although these do look really cool and whoever made them up is very creative I cant help but imagine they are far from realistic.  Below is an example of the ‘ideal family mission statement’:


(Stolen from the

This mission statement is pretty cool, and pretty well designed.  Now it may just be me but I am not sure how many homes could hang this on their wall and live by it.  So as I do I have gone ahead and put together a From Lad to Dad version of the family value statement above. (Forgive me, I am not as design capable as the person that made the one above so mine is a bit rough!)


I do not think that the From Lad to Dad version really inspires anyone, and also I think it kind of misses the point of the ‘family mission statement’ idea.  Of course family life is not always just these things and I really would love to hear from a family home that never encounters any of the above things!

Id like to make a point, things are not as depressing as this mission statement may imply! I love my family and to us I guess the most important line in the From Lad to Dad family statement is the “As far as we know all these things are normal” We just take a more reality based approach to things!

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A beer drinking, sports watching Dad / blogger that is determined to find ways to laugh his way through kids, babies and pregnant ladies. Its all about using laughter to survive!


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