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The top 5 things about having a pregnant missus

top5True having a pregnant missus can mean all kinds of emotional swings, as if woman weren’t hard enough to keep up with before.

But its not all a battle trying to relate to your missus over the coming 9 months, below is a list of the top 5 things about having a pregnant missus.

#5 and #4:  The rack on it

Sorry but this one counts as two of the top things about pregnant missus! One of the bonuses about my missus is she has always been athletic which has meant she has always had an amazing body.  But the first few months of pregnancy tend to bring a couple of new friends to a relationship, granted they usually are too sore for me to have a good play with but her rapidly growing rack makes me smile all the same.

#3: A live in Sober driver!

Now this is one of the draw cards that gets thrown around a bit.  If your lucky enough to have missus that will drive around and put up with you and ya drunk mates then consider yourself lucky. Now my wife is happy to do this for me when I can catch her in the right mood. But even if she sober drove me only once over the 9 month period that’s more then she ever has before, so bonus!

#2: Sex!

Apparently as babies grow a woman’s hormones end up all over the place.  Now these hormones can effect woman differently but anything that could possible result in my missus being horney, or super even horney im down for!  So its on the list.

#1: The food!

Now as I mentioned above my missus has always been an athletic girl which usually means a distinct lack of carbohydrates from my dinner plate.  The fact that she is now “eating for two” is awesome, not only have my portion sizes grown but its suddenly ok for us to eat takeaways and dessert in the same night!  A personal favourite and I think it will be for a long time was the other night I asked for KFC and fish and chips in the same meal and she said yes!  There’s a certain amount of ecstasy that comes with dipping a battered hot dog in to KFC potato and gravy!

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A beer drinking, sports watching Dad / blogger that is determined to find ways to laugh his way through kids, babies and pregnant ladies. Its all about using laughter to survive!


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